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Dog Training the American Male

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My father believed that laughter is the best medicine. He gave me my sense of humor and a lifetime of love and wisdom and left us far too soon. Dog Training the American Male is the first of a series of novels in which I hope to launch a comedic trek into the publishing world. If it generates a laugh and eases your daily stress then I’ve done my job.

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Dog Training The American Male | Book Cover

About The Book

Meet Dr. Nancy Beach, a relationship counselor who hosts a local radio show called Love’s a Beach. One problem: The relationship guru can’t seem to make her own relationships work, sending her credibility and ratings into the toilet.

Meet Jacob Cope – a walking thesaurus of phobias – a Lehman Brothers casualty who’s lost his job and swagger and now yearns to be a ventriloquist. When Nancy and Jacob are set up on a blind date and hit it off, their siblings, desperate to be rid of them, encourage the young couple to move in together. When the honeymoon stage abruptly ends, Jacob attempts to mend the fence by adopting a dog.

Nancy flips out. . . until she realizes the dog trainer’s techniques can be used to housebreak Jacob and save her radio career.

Book Reviews

The Reviews Are In!

“How To Train Your Man Like A Dog Without Him Realizing”

“Dog training your man may sound psycho and controlling, but it’s honestly kind of genius. It means better communication, that you and your man will both get what you want, and fewer fights! If that’s not a win, I don’t know what is. Now go tell your man to fetch you a stick or something.”

Read Full Review Here

Ashley Uzer


“If you are looking for a book to bring on your holiday travels, this one is definitely entertaining!”

“I found Dog Training the American Male to be compulsively readable. Even in moments where I felt like “I saw that coming!” I still wanted to read the next chapter. I could easily see this story being adapted for the big screen.”

Read Full Review Here


Pop Bop Shop

“Laugh out loud funny!”

“Laugh out loud funny!” Dog Training the American Male: A Novel, by L.A. Knight will have you in stitches. Dog Training the American Male: A Novel, is L.A. Knight’s debut novel and it’s a great one at that. Both sexes will enjoy reading this quirky take on how to housebreak the male species.

Read Full Review Here

Laysha Duran

Manhattan with a Twist

“A love triangle of the hilarious kind…”

“This is definitely NOT your usual romantic comedy romp between the sheets and the relationship. It started kinda slow to me… but it is a very funny premise about a man and woman and a dog. The woman is a radio talk show host and a psychologist. Her radio show is about relationships and it is doing poorly. Nancy has issues with men, to say the least. She moves in with her boyfriend, Jacob, he gets a dog and the dog is out of control so she hires a dog trainer.”   Read Full Review Here

CeliaSue Hecht, Writer/Editor 

Have Dog Blog Will Travel 

“Teaching your old dog new tricks simply requires the right treat…”

“Teaching your old dog new tricks simply requires the right treat — so goes the story of “Dog Training the American Male,” a riotous romp through relationships of the young, the old and the restless.”

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Mountain Times

Tom Mayer

Mountain Times (Boone, N.C.) Publications 

“A lighthearted work with well-drawn characters and genuine laughs”

“In Knight’s comic debut novel, a relationship expert turns to dog-training strategies in order to domesticate her incorrigible boyfriend and save her flagging career.”

Read Full Review Here

Kirkus Reviews

“L.A. Knight’s Dog Training the American Male wasn’t what I expected.”

“At first I thought it was a self-help book, but I quickly learned otherwise. It’s actually a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek novel that will have you in stitches from start to finish. Each character has the same smart, witty banter that you can actually hear going back and forth in your head. Although it’s a bit over-the-top, (I could have done without the sexcapades in retirement homes), I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this. And lucky for my boyfriend, I’m no closer to “training him.”

Read Full Review Here

Arielle Sidrane

Spa Week Daily

“Dog Training the American Male: A Novel by L.A. Knight is a comic novel .”

“Dog Training the American Male: A Novel by L.A. Knight is a comic novel about using dog training techniques on men to achieve positive results. Nancy is a relationship advice guru who is set up on a blind date with Jacob. Jacob doesn’t have a job or a clue, but their respective families are desperate to push both of them along and encourage them to take the next step. This, naturally, goes horribly wrong and Jacob’s answer is to get a dog. Not a cute little dog, but a hulking hound that isn’t exactly well-trained. Nancy sees an opportunity, however, to use this as a training method for Jacob as well, and uses many of the same techniques on him..”

Read Full Review Here

Ryan Jordan

Readers’ Favorite

“Underneath the comedy and fun, there are deeper issues, ones I could appreciate.”

“Dog Training takes an honest look into these questions and more, showcasing the psyche of what women want, and what makes a man tick, offering up a deliciously hilarious doggie treat along the way. “

Read Full Review Here

Sara Steven

Chick Lit Central

In The Media

L.A. Knight’s interview on the “Morning Drive Show” with Donna Saul and her mates at WCHE 1520 Radio.

L.A. Knight’s interview on the “The Book District” with Jeremy Jones.

L.A. Knight’s interview with Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team on SportsRadio 94WIP Philadelphia.

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Modern Dog featured my book as part as a themed collection GET COZY in their e-store! Click here to see their e-store.

About the Author

L.A. Knight

L.A. Knight was the only male born from a litter of four. He managed to escape from several disobedient schools and a failed mating in Philadelphia before trekking to South Florida where he fell in love with a divorced Doberman and sired two pups of his own.

L.A. Knight With Sibling

He embarked on a writing career at age five (25 in human years). DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE is his first novel.

From the author…

DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE is the first of several comedic novels I want to publish in the hopes of both entertaining readers while keeping the wolves at bay. My father, Lawrence believed that laughter is the best medicine. He gave me my sense of humor and a lifetime of love and wisdom and left us far too soon. This book was my therapy in dealing with his passing.

My thanks to the great people at A&M Publishing — my editors Barbara Becker andTim Schulte, and to webmaster Doug & Lisa McEntyre at Millennium Technology Resources, Lissy Peace, Trish Stevens at Ascot Media Group and Michelle Colon-Johnson’s team at 2 Dream Productions for helping this dumb animal navigate social media.

L.A. Knight 

L.A. Knight – The Author

Author L.A. Knight

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